Cocoon your baby in silk

Baby’s sensitive skin deserves the softest fabric nature can provide.
protect your precious baby with nature’s own cocoon.



The Silkbaby range has been thoughtfully designed using mulberry silk grown without pesticides and produced using low-impact, ancient methods developed 5000 years ago.

With its natural breathability, thermo-regulating and moisture absorbing properties, this miraculous fibre is perfect for keeping baby’s sensitive skin warm and dry.

Our collection not only includes luxurious 100% pure silk items but also a range of classics in a unique Silkspun fabric that combines the benefits of silk, merino and cotton to keep your little one safe and comfortable. You will find that these quality garments are easy to care for and stand the test of time.

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The perfect gift

Again I need to thank you so much for your superb service in delivery, the quality of product and the gorgeous packaging. Why isn't every baby in New Zealand wearing your product.

– Jill, Wellington

Harem pants

We love them Emily, he's worn them for months already and they seem to keep fitting! I think one of the things I like the most about them is the softer waistband, too many babies pants have large tight elastic waistbands that must be so uncomy of their full wee pukus. They're so soft & flexible which is ideal that he's moving around more, and he just crawled for the first time wearing them. So exciting!

– Helen, Dunedin

Sleep gown

Since wearing Silkbaby's Sleep Gown in combination with a merino sleep bag he is sleeping through the nights. So, as you can imagine, we are extremely happy that we don't have to change anything now and look forward to receiving our order.

– Heike, Vienna

Why silk for babies?

Pure and natural mulberry silk is safe and gentle on baby's sensitive skin. Choosing Silkbaby for your little one ensures warmth, breathability and luxurious comfort everyday.


Ideal for sensitive skin and allergies


Absorbs 30% moisture without feeling damp. Baby's skin stays dry.


We use natural fibres free from harmful chemicals. Silk is also naturally flame-resistant.


Silk is a natural thermoregulator. Because it is a protein fibre it warms quickly to baby's body heat to maintain an even temperature. Baby won't overheat or cool down.


Silk is grown without pesticides and is produced using the same low-impact, ancient methods developed 5000 years ago.


Keep baby comfortable with less layers and less bulk.


Keep baby comfortable with less layers and less bulk.

Our company


Silk for babies makes perfect sense. It’s soft, natural and so precious, just like wee babies. Putting your baby in silk means you can be sure their skin is looked after and their comfort is assured.

Since working with silk for years with Silkbody, I really believe there is nothing better you could put your baby in. Our adult customers love the fact that when they wear Silkbody, they never feel too hot or too cold. Silk has this amazing ability to maintain an even temperature for the wearer. It also absorbs a lot of moisture before it will feel damp (30%). The true beauty of it is the way it dries quickly (faster than merino and much faster than cotton), which means baby’s skin will never be damp or clammy.

At the same time the protein fibres of silk are very harmonious with the skin so it doesn’t suck away the skin’s moisture to leave it dry and irritated, as synthetic fibres can. In fact, wearing silk is said to be very good for the skin, as the sericin gum that binds the silk fibres contains many essential amino acids that can benefit the skin. That’s why silk protein is often used in skincare products.

Silkbody/Silkbaby founder Emily Cooper with her daughter Mae.

Sustainable by Nature


Silk is a truly sustainable fibre. It’s still produced using the traditional hands-on techniques developed 5000 years ago. 

By its nature, sericulture (silk production) is earth-friendly. The mulberry leaves eaten by the silk caterpillars that spin the silk are a renewable and sustainable crop as the trees produce year after year. They are replaced after 8 years, after which they are not such vigorous growers and the leaves are not so tasty. No pesticides can be used on the mulberry trees. The silk caterpillars themselves demand the purest and best quality leaves as their food. 

Silk fibres are highly absorptive and are easily dyed. We use low-impact fibre reactive dyes. We do not add any treatments to improve ant-static, flame retardance, wash-and-wear or anti-bacterial properties because silk is already naturally endowed with these properties. 

Silk is also biodegradable and will decompose easily in landfills.

Silkbaby is manufactured in the Jiangsu region of China, the most famous silk-producing region. Social and ethical standards are maintained in all factories. Employees are paid reasonable wages and Silkbody management personally visit the factories regularly to ensure standards are being met.

Store display materials are made from environmentally-friendly materials such as recycled wood, natural paints and waxes.

Box packaging is made of recycled cardboard and printed material is printed on paper from sustainable forests using biodegradable inks.

At head office all office cardboard and paper is recycled or re-used. Through the Waste Exchange program run by the local council, we donate excess packaging waste, such as cardboard, tissue paper and plastic bags to community organisations, schools and kindergartens for use in projects and teaching.

Watch the video of Silkbody and Silkbaby production, from the finest fibre spun by the tiny caterpillar to the finished product.

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